Can I have a proof before you proceed with my order?
Yes a proof will be emailed if requested.

How do I mount the backing board to a wall?
Backing boards come with mounting holes

Do the plaques come with shape edges and corners?
Yes we bevel the edges and rounded or scolloped corners can be requested.

Do you do exterior and interior plaques?
Yes we do interior laminates, exterior laminates/metals, marine grade stainless steel and sublimation laminates. Exterior laminates offer long lasting, weatherproof signage.

How do I keep the brass clean?
We use Brasso metal wadding polish.

Can you engrave my company logo?
Yes we engrave logos, you can upoload it in the design screen.  We charge £30 as a minimum, on recept of artwork we may need to increase the cost. The cost of our own images (available to upload from the 'create' page) are £10.

Do you offer presentation curtain hire?
Yes we have curtains to fit a range of sizes in royal blue, navy blue, red, green, gold and teracotta. Please call us on 07565 975081 to arrange the delivery of your presentation curtains. We can arrange for your customised engraving to arrive at the same time as your curtains for a faultless presentation ceremony.

How tall are your tree/memorial stakes?

They are 23.5" (59.69cm)tall.

Can you make a sign in a size that is not in your drop down menu?

Yes, we can create almost any size and shape of sign. Just call us and we will arrange this for you.